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Prioritize quality of life through Evidence Based Integrative Nutrition Coaching

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Who Can Benefit?

Life Stressor Management

Health and wellness includes nourishing the body, mind a soul. 

Chronic Ailments

Maybe you’ve been diagnosed, maybe you haven’t. Get support when you need it most. 

Graceful Aging

Natural, noninvasive methods to prioritize preventative health.

Corporate Wellness

Employees in organizations that offer wellness programs or coaching as part of their employee benefits.

Sports Nutrition

Optimize performance, recovery and get closer to reaching 1st place.


Families aiming to adopt healthier habits and nutrition for themselves and their children.

Real Achievements

Plate Your Palate Can Help You Achieve:

Changes in life style habits and mind set



Improved Health

Increased Energy

Weight Management

Ailment Management

Individualized Support

Nutritional Knowledge

Client Testimonials

(names changed for privacy)

I have been vegan since I was a kid but always felt lightheaded and could never find the energy to stay active. Kristina was so easy to talk to. I never felt judged. She is so creative in helping me modify recipes to be vegan, tasty, and still healthy!


I've always considered myself healthy but working in an office made me want to go out to eat too often and spend too much money. Kristina helped me meal prep. There were so many options made just for me and saved me money! Meat was always tender and the foods were never salty. After the initial consultation, I felt confident in her passion for food and knowledge.


Kristina helped me understand that I CAN DO THIS! Ive struggled keeping my kitchen organized and coming up with healthy foods that actually tasted good. She took the time to cook with me and made it fun!



easily syncs with health apps