Why Kristina?

Wellness includes nourishing our soul, not just our body 

Kristina’s Credentials

  • Integrative and Functional Nutritional Academy | Graduate
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certified | Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition | University of North Florida, Graduate
  • Master of Science in Integrative & Functional Nutrition | Saybrook University, Student
  • Certified Dietary Manager (CDM,CFPP) | Certifying Board of Dietary Managers (CBDM) and Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals(ANFP)

Who is Kristina?     

   The college kid who found any excuse to hang out at Jacksonville Beach, dog mom, ethnic food fanatic  – who graduated and believes:

   Improving health does not mean lose weight and eat less. Healthy lifestyles stretch beyond medicine and diet. Worldly understanding are essential when relating to clients. Balanced and healthy lifestyles promote health by intertwining integrative nutrition. After all, people turn to holistic-style approaches after modern medicine has failed them or they want a more natural approach.

     We are a blend of different ethnicities and cultures from all over the world. Multicultural awareness improves patient care by being able to better explain conditions and personalize diet plans. As an undergrad, I studied abroad in Italy immersing myself with the locals, learning the language and becoming mesmerized with their quality of life. The locals lead a life cherishing their history, art, culture, food and lifestyle, which was influenced by regional and country history. 

     Sudden changes can be difficult to adapt to, especially when your health is at risk if precautions are not taken.  In 2014, I was injured due to a motorcycle accident. Everyone said “You’ll be lucky if your wounds close by January.” and “it’s impossible to gauge how long it will be before you’ll walk again.” I realized this was the time to apply my education to real life.  By September I was medically healed. By January 2015, I was able to walk and regained a full range of motion. By the summer of 2015, I was back to dancing, deadlifting and FINALLY back in college again.

     I became tenacious in everything, from recovering from my motorcycle accident to excelling in nutrition and dietetics experiences. Studying abroad has opened a new way of approaching life and I understand what it is like to almost lose everything in a blink of an eye. I now have an idea of what its like to have to make changes that are beyond my control. These experiences enable me to not only better relate to clients but also understand cultural differences and emotional states. 

How Can Plate Your Palate Help?

     Health coaches and nutritionists can never replace the doctors’ role in healthcare

    However, the real battle is at home, where health diagnoses become overwhelming and stressful. Especially when it is life changing, requires drastic changes – and you are still sorting through the myriad of literature the Doc gave. 

             Do you find yourself saying:

“…now what?”

“Yeah I know ‘eat healthier, loose weight, control the blood pressure, workout more’…but whats the difference?”

“ok, I go grocery shopping…there’s so many options but which one is the right one?” 

“Huh?”…”But how?”

                              That’s where Plate Your Palate comes in

     Grocery shopping is the candy land of infinite food options and it only gets more confusing with those pamphlets from your healthcare provider that has too much complex jargon to decipher.


     During the Initial Consultation we will sit down together to discuss your current lifestyle and compare it to your goals. Then Plate Your Palate will create a plan  to achieve your health and wellness goals.

All while prioritizing quality of life, following doctors orders, and creating an achievable goal plan that makes sense for YOU.


Not one plan will work for everyone. Which is why Plate Your Palate offers a variety of services;  

  1. Tackle the grocery store and make sense of the colorful pesky labels.
  2. Organize pantry and kitchen to identify the healthiest meals you can make utilizing already purchased groceries
  3. Coaching packages offer virtual sessions, for individualized accountability and support at your finger tips
  4. Convenient access to Personal Health Advisor via app or website
  5. Not ready to purchase a whole package? Plate Your Palate offers Virtual Wellness Library  with Special Events hosting Guest Speakers and a la cart sessions